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They damage most of my stuff didn't covered various items, broke stuff lost stuff, I had a horrible experience still waiting to get paid.. The workers lied about the entire situation.

Lucky I took pictures. So unprofessional. They lied to me, several times about coming out to make things right. I have never seen such bad customer Service.

I waiting for them to settle this issues, in the mean time, I'm sleeping on an air mattress.

I got the run around for a few days until I said I had pictures, they didn't return things. Please help!!

Monetary Loss: $2700.

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Houston, Texas, United States #845369

The same thing is happening to me in Houston Texas with my 82 year old mother's stuff. They can't find the paperwork and can't find the stuff all they have done is lie through their teeth to try and cover up their mistakes.

to Sandy Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #846711

I live In NC I had the same issue we have a new reporter that handles consumer complaints once I called them within 24 hours i got paid for all of my stuff they damage & lost.

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