This company is not at all what they say to be. They told me many things that proved NOT to be true.

For one they know how to do their jobs, they do NOT. After our massive house fire I was recommended to use this company, I should've done some research, and chose NOT to use them. Service Master is NOTHING what they say they are. They were suppose to come into our home and inventory all of our belongs.

I was told they do this all the time and the KNOW what they are doing. TOTALLY untrue, they did not look under things, or into tubs, or even list any of our children’s toys, we have four kids, most of our belongings were NOT listed. I was told NOTHING was savable, when it was. Plus I was told NOTHING would be moved out of my house.

When I returned from work there were 14 black garbage bags with my belongings outside in my backyard getting snowed on. Then we had to redo ALL of the inventorying of our WHOLE house, plus all the bags in our back yard. On top of that my heirloom dishes, gold rimmed, were SMASHED in these bags. I would of SAVED each and everyone, they totally took all of them and smashed them into garbage bags, I can’t even replace this set of dishes.

This was all done WITHOUT calling me the homeowner to see if these were dishes we wanted to save or if they meant something to the homeowner. After all was done, we could not find a family silver dollar that was placed in a specific spot, gone.

On top of our family dishes this silver dollar will never be able to be passed onto my children, all because of Services Masters BAD service. Again, this company does not know what they are doing, do not use them for ANY services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Servicemaster Fire Damage Restoration.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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