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We recently had a tornado go through our neighborhood, and it did some damage to my home and roof. Service Master is, apparently, a "preferred company" with my insurance company, so they sent someone out to investigate the damage.

Their prices were so over-inflated, I chose to go with different companies instead of theirs, when the insurance money came in. I DID use them to put a tarp on my roof, though. The tornado was on a Wednesday, and I called them soon after to request a tarp for my roof. We were due to have rain over the weekend.

When I spoke with SM, I told them it wasn't an emergency, but I would be needing the tarp before the storms. They chose to come out during off hours a couple days later, and then they charged me for "emergency services" to the tune of almost $500! They also charged 3 hours worth of labor to put up a 6x6 tarp. When I called to dispute the bill, their response was, "Well, the insurance company paid you, didn't they?

You owe us that money." In other words - this company will pad their stats to rake in more insurance money. Unfortunately, the insurance companies pretty much have to take them at their word, and they agree to the over charges. And the harassment! This company called me to tell me they were sending the invoice.

Why? Any other company would just send the bill. The woman then called me AGAIN to see if I'd gotten the bill. I ended up getting the bill that evening.

This was a Thursday night. Then, 2 days later, I got ANOTHER bill with a letter saying that my grace period was ending, and if I didn't want to incur additional charges, I needed to pay the bill immediately. The second bill was dated the same day I received the first bill. Unbelievable.

I have never been late on a bill in my life, and I always pay what I'm responsible for. They also contacted my insurance company to make sure I received the check, even though I told them I had. Ridiculous. Buyer beware!

Also, I found out last night that SM also owns Terminix.

Boy, does that answer a lot of questions! Never again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Servicemaster Flood Damage Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Unfortunately, your insurance company chose to contract with Service Master and gets a 10% to 15% discount when they pay Service Maser direct, but it can be at your expense when you pay them especially when the claim doesn't over the deductible. The Service Master who performed your repairs was probably a franchisee, and the parent company also, gets a substantial percentage. Your get a double kick in the rear when your insurance premiums go up with everyone else because of this chummy relationship with Service Master

to JJ #1315975

So you have actual knowledge that the insurance company gets a discount if they pay direct? I have been in the insurance business for 30+ years and never heard about discounts.

Urban myth?

But the insurance company is at the mercy of SM. They say it might cost about this much$?????. Then a few days later they add a couple thousand because its not dry enough. before you know it the bill is 3 times as much as it would have been to just tear out and replace new.

They make money when their equipment is in you home or business so they leave it there until another "emergency" comes up and your place is suddenly dried out. the insurance company is at the mercy of SM and the consumer ultimately pays for it.

to jt #1467717

The insurance companies aren't at the mercy of Service Master, they are in cahoots with them. Service Master will rip out everything in your basement that you let them, creating a mess for you to clear up with the insurance company.It's not different than the cozy relationship between (Blue Cross, etc) and the hospitals.

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